Sons Of Italy Officers

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Sons Of Italy in America in Omaha Officers

2021-2022 State Officers

State President Dan Matuella
State Vice President George Grillo
State Orator Christen Ferro
State Financial Secretary (Interim)  Frank Rayer
State Treasurer Linda Chapman
State Recording Secretary Steve LaGreca
State Trustees Sam Di Mauro
Mike Fisk
Gary Procopio
Todd Procopio
Sarah Ruma
Arbitration Committee Charlie Venditte
George Matuella
Todd Procopio
Mike Ferro
Harvey Palmer
Lucia StCyr
State Deputy Rose DiMauro
Former State Lodge Presidents Dr. Tom Pruse
Charles ” Butch”  Turco
Dr. Tom Ruma
Anthony Troia


2021-2022 Colombo Lodge Officers

Colombo President Sara Ruma
Colombo Vice President Sam DiMauro
Colombo Orator Sam Troia
Colombo Financial Secretary Jeff Matuella
Colombo Treasurer Kelly Petrini
Colombo Recording Secretary Lucia StCyr
Colombo Trustees Ola Partrusch
Joe Caniglia
George Grillo
  Nick Matuella
Harvey Palmer
Arbitration Committee Charlie Venditte
  George Matuella
  Nick Matuella
  Harvey Palmer
  Jim Caniglia
Colombo Inside Guards Ted StCyr
  Betty Barrett
Immediate Past President Rick Davis (Deceased)