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Lodge Organization and Membership

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Member Benefits:

There’s more to the Sons of Italy than great food, fellowship and the beautiful Italian American magazine .

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Lodge Organization:
The Christopher Colombo Lodge is a filial lodge sanctioned by the Nebraska State Sons of Italy Lodge, that received its charter from the National Order of the Sons of Italy.

The State Lodge owns all physical property, buildings, contents, and has operational control of all contained therein. The State Lodge is governed by the State President and its elected officers as specified by existing bylaws.

The Christopher Colombo Lodge (herein called the local lodge) operates under the bylaws of the State Lodge but is a separate operational entity. The local lodge is governed by the Colombo Lodge President and elected officers as specified by existing bylaws.

The State lodge agrees to allow the local lodge to hold its meetings, social functions, and under special considerations the cooking facilities owned by the State Lodge.

Membership as defined by our National Charter:

“Regular Members” are those members who are of Italian birth or descent; also, the spouses of those of Italian lineage, or those who have been adopted by a person or person’s of Italian lineage, and the spouses of such adopted persons; widows, widowers and divorced spouses of current or former members.

“Social Members” are those who because of their national origin are not admitted as regular members. Social members may participate in social and cultural activities. Social members can not hold head table office in the Order of Sons of Italy of America. Social members shall be entitled to attend and partake of regular or special meetings of the local lodge.

Social Members can not vote for State or Colombo Lodge officers.

Membership Responsibilities:

All forms of State and Local Lodge function and expense responsibilities depend heavily upon club member volunteer participation. Membership participation is the heart of our lodge’s ability to function, create revenue and continue our good works. As a member of the Sons of Italy, it is requested that you participate in volunteering to the best of your abilities and time available. If you have time to participate, please contact your club president or other officer. Many State and Local Lodge functions require volunteers to help organize and help in setting up . Please contact your club president if you feel you have time or expertise to offer.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Meatball making
Sauce making
Friday night servers
Sausage making
Thursday pasta dinner
Sick and Death committee

Colombo Lodge Meeting:

The Local Lodge meeting is the most important responsibility of your membership. This is the time you will be needed to help guide the lodge and it’s officers. Your contribution to the discussion and expertise will be welcome during the deliberations of motions placed on the floor. Your participation is both necessary and requested.

Colombo Lodge meetings are scheduled for 7:00PM on the SECOND TUESDAY of every month except the months of July and August. Meetings canceled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled to the following months regular scheduled meeting.

Members will be offered to participate in a registration raffle. There is also a monthly “Must be present to win”, no charge attendance drawing, with an accumulating generous prize. Additionally members attending and celebrating a birthday during that same month, will be given a “free” birthday drink ticket good for that night.

General Information:

SOI Hall information: PHONE NUMBER 402-345-4639

There is public access to the hall during our Thursday Spaghetti Dinners until 2:30PM, and on Friday Night Sandwich Dinners after 5:00PM. Public access is also allowed during special functions and occasions.

The State Lodge on occasion will rent out the main room for private functions. The on duty bartender can take reservation requests. All reservation requests must be approved by the State Lodge President.

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